Surah Buruj Verse 1


وَالسَّمَاء ذَاتِ الْبُرُوجِ

“By the heaven with constellations”

Ibn Abbas said, I heard the Messenger of Allah (sawa) say, Mentioning Allah is worshipping Him; mentioning me is worshipping Allah; mentioning Ali is worshipping Allah; and mentioning the Imams is worshipping Allah.

I swear to He who sent me as a prophet and appointed me as the best of the creation, that my successor is the best of successors and he is Allah’s Decisive Proof and caliph on His creation.

The Imams of guidance after me are from Ali’s children. Allah prevents the torment from falling on earth through them, and it is through them that Allah prevents the heavens from falling on earth, except with His permission.

Allah prevents the mountains from crushing people through them; He pours down rain on people through them; and He makes the plants grow from earth through them.

Verily they are the authorities appointed by Allah and they are His Caliphs.

Their number is equal to the number of months and is equal to the number of captains of Musa bin Imran, which was twelve.

Ibn Abbas added, Then the Messenger of Allah (sawa) recited this verse, “By the heaven with constellations”.

And then he asked me, “O Ibn Abbas! Do you think Allah swears “by the heaven”and its “constellations” this verse?

I (Ibn Abbas) asked, “O Messenger of Allah! What does this verse mean then?”

The Prophet (sawa) replied, “I am “the heaven” and “the constellations” are the Imams after me. The first Imam is Ali and the last one is Mahdi.” (Al Ikhtesaas page 223)