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  • Set up a monthly contribution of £3.13 or whatever you can in the name of our 12th Imam (ajtf).
  • Sponsor an event for £50

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Imam Mahdi Awareness Campaign
Santander Acc no. 21434031
S.C : 09-01-29

You have the chance you reap the rewards of spreading knowledge about Imam Mahdi (ajtf) and Awareness of his existence among us.

Your contributions will go towards:

  • Venue hire, hadiyah, food/refreshments for events dedicated to Imam Mahdi (ajtf)
  • Children’s workshops – resources, refreshments and educational purposes
  • Local Support for Muslims who are struggling financially in our Community

Please Note: We have Permission to collect Khums (sehm Imam (as) ONLY, for events)

Permission by: Grand Ayatollah Syed Ali al-Sistani & Grand Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei (Sehm-e-Imam only)
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Direct bank transfers and monthly standing orders:

Imam Mahdi Awareness Campaign
Santander Acc no. 21434031
S.C : 09-01-29

Our Mission

We are a group of Ambitious, determined and Committed individuals, striving to Revive the remembrance of our Living Imam (as) and learning of his importance among us today. Help us in making this information accessible for the Youth and children in the English Language.
We all wish we could have been with the Ahlulbayt (as) to help and support them through their struggles but

How have we helped our Living Imam (as)?
The Imam who is ALIVE and among us today,
The Imam (as) who knows about us and prays for his followers.
We bring for the Lovers of Imam Mahdi (ajtf), The Imam Mahdi Awareness Campaign through which we aim :

“ To acknowledge the presence of Our Living Imam (ajtf) and revive his remembrance through spreading knowledge of the Awaited Saviour of Humanity (ajtf) in order to achieve recognition of his status, characteristics and mission and to work towards becoming true followers of Our Imam (ajtf) through understanding our responsibilities and Actively Awaiting Our Imam (ajtf) as individuals, families and communities. We aim to understand/resolve the struggles of the Youth in the west by connecting to him and prepare to support him as a united community”

Campaign Objectives

  • Create a central platform with information relating to the Imam of Our Time (ajtf) in the English Language
  • Gaining awareness of the existence of Imam (as) through Quran & Hadith.
  • Learning about Imam’s benefits and importance through the Quran and the Ahlulbayt (as)
  • To hold events where the status, characteristics and mission of Imam Mahdi (ajtf) are discussed and elaborated.
  • To understand Imam’s (ajtf) connection to the people.
  • To learn how we can communicate and connect with Our Imam (ajtf) during the occultation
  • To encourage praying for the reappearance and acknowledging this as a vital part of active awaiting
  • To help and support the youth to diffuse and remove any barriers that may hinder their understanding of the tenants of the religion of Islam or their inclination towards the Holy Household (as)
  • Helping children understand the concept of Imamat and why they need to know and prepare for Imam Mahdi
  • To provide resources and find innovative ways in which we can remember and serve the Imam (ajtf) as families and communities
  • To encourage unity under the banner of Imam Mahdi (ajtf) to form a strong Mahdawi Community in which we reflect the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Ahlulbayt (as) as part of Actively Awaiting Our Imam (ajtf)
  • Working with non-muslims to create an understanding about imam and the concept of an ideal world

We aim to do this through:

  • Hold events on various topics relating to the Imam (a)
  • Monthly lectures & Children’s Workshops
  • Dua events
  • 15th Shaban Wiladah Celebration
  • Majalis
  • Website with all information relating to Imam (a)
  • Charity fundraising in the name of Imam (a)
  • Social Media awareness
  • Community Unity Projects
  • Youth and Children’s Events and Initiatives

May Allah Swt Reward You Abundantly For Contributing Towards The Campaign For Our Living Imam (ajtf)