Surah Hud Verse 86

بَقِيَّةُ اللّهِ خَيْرٌ لَّكُمْ إِن كُنتُم مُّؤْمِنِينَ

The remnant of Allah (Baqiyatullah) is better for you if you are believers.

Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) said: Our Qaem will gain upper hand through his personality and he will be helped by Allah. The earth will contract for him and will reveal all her treasures at his disposal. Allah will make His religion triumph over all other religions, at his hands, even though the polytheists might be averse to it. His empire will extend from East to West and will civilize all the destroyed nations, Hazrat Isa (as), the spirit of Allah will descend and pray behind him.

A person asked Imam about the time of his reappearance. To this, Imam (as) narrated the signs of reappearance thus: The time when men will resemble women and women will resemble men, increase in homosexuals and lesbians, women will drive the vehicles, wrong testimonies will be accepted and justice thrown aside, people will consider murder, fornication, bribe and usury as some­thing usual, pious ones will be subjugated by evil ones, Sufyani will rise from Syria and Yemani from Yemen. Earth will be submerged at a place called Bayza. A person from progeny of Holy Prophet (sawa), whose name will be Ahmed bin Hasan alias Nafse Zakiyyah will be martyred between Hajre Aswad and Maqame Ibrahim.

A voice will come from the sky stating that truth is with Ali and his Shiahs. When Imam will reappear his back will be towards Kabah and will be accompanied by 313 followers, commencing the crusade against injustice with the ayat of Quran – “The remnant of Allah (Baqiyyatullah), is good for you if you are amongst the believers.” (Chapter 11 verse 86)

Afterwards, he will proclaim that he is last Proof of Allah upon them and His Caliph in their midst. People will salute him thus. Peace be upon you, O Remnant of Allah in this earth.

When 4,000 people shall gather around him he will march from Mecca and prohibit worship of any other God except Allah. This will occur after a long occultation. Same tradition is also narrated from Imam Mohammed Baqir (as). (Isbatur Rajat)