Imam Mahdi Helps his Shias – Allama Bahral Uloom


Allamah Bahrul Uloom (ra) was one of those scholars who had been favoured by Imam’s (as) audience more than once. When the Allamah was staying in Makkah, he was away from his relatives and followers. Despite this, he had not forsaken the welfare of the needy and the poor people and the needs of his students.

One day his secretary told him that whatever cash was there is now finished and nothing remains. He should think seriously in this regard. He secretary narrates, ”the Sayyed did not say anything in reply. It was his practice in Makkah to perform the tawaf in the morning and then retire for sometime in his room. I used to prepare a hookah for this and he smoked it daily. Afterwards he used to go to another room to give lectures to his students. On this particular day, the Sayyed heard a voice from outside. He became restless and tense. He told me to take away the hookah while he himself assumed the posture of a humble servant. He rushed to the door and opened it himself.

A respectful Arab gentleman entered and then went to the private chamber of the Sayyed and seated himself. The Sayyed followed him and sat down near him in a humble manner.

For an hour or so they conversed between themselves and then the respected personality rose to depart. The Sayyed stood up and led him to the door. Then he kissed his hands and helped him to mount the camel which was waiting outside. The guest departed and the Sayyed returned. But the color of his face had undergone a change. He gave me a promissory note, which was in his hand and said, Take this note to such and such shop owner who is a money changer at the Safa mountain and bring whatever he gives in lieu of it.

I took the promissory note and went to the money changer. He took the note and kissed it respectfully. Then he said, bring some coolies. I brought four coolies. The money changer loaded upon them as many money bags as he could carry. Then we returned home.

One day I decided to go back to this money changer and investigate the matter and also find out about the person who had given the promissory note. I could not find any shop at that place. I enquired from a person about the money changer. He replied, “Such money changer has never been seen in this place.” Then I realised that this was one of the divine secrets and it was due to the favour and blessings of Imam Mahdi (as).