Responsibility 45: Supplicating for the Imam

Another responsibility of the believers is to recite Du’a al-Nudbah (1) which has been taught to us by Imam Ja’far b. Muhammad as-Sadiq (as). This supplication can be recited at any time, however we are told that it is highly recommended to be recited on the four days of ‘Eid, namely: the day of Jumu’ah (Friday); ‘Eid al-Fitr; ‘Eid al-Qurban and ‘Eid al-Ghadir.

According to the opinion of some of our ‘Ulama (2), it should also be recited on Thursday night which is another very blessed time. After reciting this supplication, one should also perform a two Rak’at Salat of Ziyarat to the Imam.

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  • 2.Muhaddith Nuri (related from the book Mizar Qadim)