Responsibility 55: The Wilayah of the Imam

The true believers must supplicate that Allah bestows the wilayah (mastership) of Imam al-Zaman (ajtf) upon them and that they are granted the ability to gain true faith, love and obedience to the Imam and that these characters are increased within them. One must be serious and earnest in this supplication and must take this as something important.

The happiness of the true believer is contained within the wilayah, faith, love and obedience to the Imam and the more the wilayah is made stronger and increases in the heart, so too the status and rank of a true believer in the presence of Allah will also increase, and thus, closeness to Allah will also increase.

Since the way to achieve this wilayah is only possible through the power of Allah  and is out of the realm of a person to acquire on his own, the only way to achieve this is to request it from Allah. The attainment of the wilayah and faith (in the Imam) and other things such as these even things such as knowledge and sustenance are all issues which are related to the essence of Allah and are out of the power of people to acquire without the help of Allah.