Responsibility 81: Giving Precedence to the Imam Part 1

The next responsibility is to give precedence to the Imam and to give him priority at all times.

How can we distinguish this important act and employ it in our daily lives? This is up to the believer himself to realize. For example, if we are able to supplicate for only two people, then we must first make supplication for the Imam, if one wants to make tawassul to one of two people, then the Imam must be the one whom we make tawassul to if the people are called to have a better understanding of something and to perform good deeds.

Then after the call and invitation to Tawhid, before anything else, one should invite others to the Imam and his wilayah if a person decides to give a gift, then the first person one should give this gift to is the Imam and if a person wants to perform the Ziyarat or send salutations upon another infallible, then one must start by sending greetings and salutations to the Imam and send prayers upon him first.

And if it is decided that one will perform a task and send the reward of this task to a person for example if one was to perform Salat or hajj and give the reward to someone, then it should be first given to the Imam (the Imam should be kept in mind when this act is being performed so that the reward is given to him).

If a person is able to perform the various prayers and supplications after every obligatory Salat, then one must perform those which are related to the Imam as this will establish a closer relationship with him.