Responsibility 85: Respecting Things Related To the Imam Part 1

Showing respect to those things which are associated to the Imam is another responsibility of the true believers.

Some of these things which we need to show respect to include the places which are related to the Imam such as Masjid as-Sahlah the celler where his occultation began in the city of Samarrah the Grand Masjid of Kufah; Masjid Jamkaran (1) Masjid al-Haram the places which have been visited by the Infallible A`immah, the prophets and their successors; and the graves of the intimate friends of Allah and the true believers.

Showing respect to places which are associated to the Imam is related to the level of connection which that thing or place has to the Imam and thus, the respect is of various degrees and levels – the more the connection to the Imam, the more respect, honor and esteem should be shown.

Showing respect to places (2) such as Masjid as-Sahlah, Masjid Jamkaran and other places such as these is possible through various ways, including beautifying them improving or re-construction work, laying carpets, cleaning, deodorizing, illuminating, frequenting, entering the premises barefooted, entering them with humility, keeping busy with the remembrance of Allah while visiting them.

Recitation of prayers, Qur`an, supplications and other things, ensuring that these places are not made impure (najis) or dirty, purifying that area in the event that it becomes impure (najis), sweeping and cleaning the area; not entering while in a state of ritual impurity (janabat or for a woman, during her monthly period).

Ensuring that there is no mixing of the genders while in these areas; keeping away from all acts which are reprehensible and forbidden, keeping away from pointless joking and laughing and speaking and arguing in a loud voice. These and all other such acts must be observed while in similar sacred places.

  • 1.Refer to the second footnote on responsibility Forty-Six for more information.
  • 2.There are some places that shall be mentioned separately whose explanation shall be given in the next responsibility.