Responsibility 90: Respecting Things Related to the Imam Part 5

Another responsibility of the true believers is to consider the Nights of Qadr (in the month of Ramaďhan) as nights of reverence and respect and to perform the specific actions for these nights.1

The Nights of Qadr are directly related to the 12th Imam (ajtf) and therefore, the best act which can be done on these nights is remembering and focusing on him and seeking intercession from the Imam.

The Night of Qadr is that night which the entire year cannot reach in greatness, and the actions which are performed on that night are better than the actions performed during the span of one thousand months!

It is on this night that all of the commands for the next year are decreed and the Angels and the Ruh who is the greatest of Angels descend to the Earth by the permission of their Lord and arrive in the service of Imam al-Zaman (ajtf). Whatever has been decreed for every person for the entire year is then presented to the Imam.

Thus, we must perform those specific actions related to these nights and seek closeness to Allah through the Imam. We must also hold firm to the Imam, take him as our intercessor and ask our needs and wants through him (and with the permission of Allah, these will be granted).

  • 1.Mafatih al-Jinan, sec. 3: “The greatness and actions of the Blessed Month of Ramaďhan and the actions for the Nights of Qadr.’