Responsibility 91: Respecting Things Related to the Imam Part 6

Another responsibility of the servants of Allah is to show honor to everything which is related to the Imam (this is separate from the times and locations and the things which we have already spoken about). This includes things such as: his titles and appellations whether these are spoken and mentioned out loud or if they are written on paper, plaques, rocks or anything else.

In addition, the letters, speeches and traditions which have been narrated from the Imam must also be shown veneration. This also includes the books which contain writings in regards to the Imam.
Works of art, cultural and religious artifacts which are related to the Imam or his great forefathers such as the hand written copies of the Qur`an, must also be respected.

At the forefront of all things which are related to the Imam is the Noble Qur`an and one must show honor and respect to this. We are able to deduce the necessity of showing honor to the Qur`an from the traditions which have come to us from the Messenger of Islam and the Infallible A`immah (as) and this is something which all of the sects of Islam accept.

The Qur`an is, just as the Prophet described it, the “Greater of the two weighty things (al-Thaqalayn)” which he advised his nation to follow when he said, “The Ahlul Bayt (as) shall never be separated from the Qur`an” and thus, the Muslim nation must follow both the Qur`an and Ahlul Bayt (as).

Guarding the Qur`an and showing it honor can be done through acting according to the verses and as we know, even Imam al-Zaman (ajtf) himself has also been ordered to follow its commandments.
Thus, to show honor and esteem to the Qur`an and to act according to its verses is the most important responsibility for us to perform and it is also one of the duties towards the Imam.