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Today, the question of longevity is solved because numerous concealed realities and mysteries of the world have been discovered.

In philosophy, the matter of“Umm-ul-Ma’sael” is very famous. It is the base for all rational reasoning. All the rational impossibilities goes back to this very principle which says,“Rejection of union of two contradictions” . In other words, two opposites cannot combine together at one time and place and in one direction. In philosophy, all the impossibilities go back to the principle of“rejection of union of two opposites” otherwise nothing is impossible.

Now, does Imam’s long life contradict the law of“Umm-ul-Ma’sael” ? Does it involve the union of existence and non-existence in one thing?

What about experimental science? Has the natural science acknowledged a limit for human age? If so, then why in the 20th century, the average age has surpassed the past years? Man has succeeded in lifting the average age of human-beings. Mortality was more in the past. The death rate that ruled high in the past generation (due to lack of hygiene) has now almost vanished. Currently, man is still engaged in making medicine by which human age can be increased. From the viewpoint of experimental sciences, no limit has been fixed for human age.

Experimental science says: If someone observes the rules of hygiene and nutrition and performs certain exercises and takes care, his life would be prolonged.

Besides, it is now two centuries that most of the universities around the world are striving hard to discover some medicine for adolescence. This itself is another proof that no limit has been fixed for human age However, nobody claims that the noble age of Hazrat Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) is normal and natural. Our claim is that his long life no way contradicts reason and science while at the same time; his long life is due to Allah’s Will.

Another factor to be seen is that whether this query is raised by a Muslim or non-Muslim? If raised by a non-Muslim, then this matter is a secondary one and he should investigate into the principles and essentials. If he is a Muslim, he should refer to the holy Qur’an that stipulates 950 years as only a part of prophet Noah’s (a.s.) life. This afore-mentioned age was before the event of storm and only Allah knows how long prophet Noah (a.s.) lived after the storm!

“…..and so he (Noah) remained among them a thousand years save fifty years.” (Qur’an, 29:14)

As per the holy Qur’an, Ashab-e-Kahf (people of the cave) slept for 300 years. Thereafter, they awoke and lived for several years.

“And they remained in their cave three hundred years and (some) add (another) nine” . (Qur’an, 18:25)

Also, it is said Salman Farsi, the holy Prophet’s famous companion lived for approximately three hundred years. He had heard that a prophet would emerge in Mecca and Medina and the period of the disciples would come to an end. (About biography of Salman Farsi, you may refer to the book,“Nafas-ur-Rahman Fi Fazael Salman” written by Muhadith Nouri, and Dehkhoda encyclopedia below the word,“Salman” )[124]

To sum up, from the viewpoint of reason, Imam’s long life doesn’t involve any contradiction or impossibility. From the viewpoint of experimental science too, no limit has been fixed for human age. Moreover, scientists are striving hard to increase man’s life span and are trying to find a medicine for adolescence. The point is that currently, it is customarily hard to imagine such a long life for Imam (a.t.f.s.). On the other hand, we do not claim too that his longevity is customary and usual. Rather, we believe this to be one of the manifestations of Divine Power and His sunnah.