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Among the Arabs, agnomen is used for men and women for two reasons:

Because of possessing some perfection. For example, a person who is very obedient to Allah is named as“Abu-Abdullah” ; a person with extreme virtues and superiority as“Abu’l-Fazl” and a pious and righteous one as“Aba-Saleh” .

Because of his/her son’s name. In hope that he/she would possess a son in the future who would be named so. The agnomen of“Abu-Fazl” is given to him at the time of his birth or thereafter. The agnomen of“Umma-Fazl” is given to a woman in a similar position.

“Abu-Saleh” is one of the agnomens of our affectionate Imam and is more popular among the Arabs. While calling upon Imam and imploring help from him, they use this name.[223] Muhaddis Nouri writes:

Ahmad-ibn-Muhammad-ibn-Khaled Barqi narrates in his book“Mahasin” from Abu-Baseer that Imam Sadeq (a.s.) said: “Whenever you lose your way, call out:[224]

يا صالح! يا ابا صالح! ارشدنا الي الطريق! رحمكم الله

The word آدركني (= help me) is uttered by the one seeking and imploring for help. Therefore, the name“Aba-Saleh” used for Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) takes its roots from traditions.