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This query arises more for the youth, because the key for gaining proximity to Allah and perfection of faith lies in Imam’s satisfaction. All are aware that what deeds pleases Imam-e-Asr (a.t.f.s.).

He is pleased with us, the followers, if we act as true Shias. The concept of Shia is summarized as true beliefs and deeds. The true spirit of these two also is love for Hazrat Mahdi (a.t.f.s.). Literally, Shia means follower. The requisite for following Imam is to pursue his path. So love for Imam is the main source for attracting his satisfaction.

True creed and true deeds too cannot be acquired except from his prolific school. We must learn our true creed from him and practice our true deeds by following him. Contrary to the views of the majority, one cannot acquire true beliefs and true deeds from the books written by eastern and western philosophers; the past and recent mystics and from schools of psychology and psychoanalysis. We can neither acquire them from the political dignitaries or historical reformers. We must look for them only and only in the school of Ahl’ul-bayt (which is the school of Qur’an and hadith). The Qur’an and Ahl’ul-bayt are two souvenirs that the holy prophet (s.a.w.a.) has left behind and about them, he says:

“Your consideration for me lies in your guarding these two things. Protect me by these two.” [139]

I advise the youth that true creed and true deeds are no worldly goods that can be easily bought from the market. These two are the whole and sole of one’s worth. It calls for precision and carefulness. It requires day to day effort. It calls for constant endeavour.

In this connection, one must lament and resort to him (for being Bab’ullah) for gaining faith, Ma’refat, certitude and protection. Our acquaintance with books that increase our Ma’refat and our company with virtuous and upright people who care for us (and do not call people towards themselves.) moves us closer to him.

Thus, the basis and foundation for attracting his satisfaction is to remain a true Muslim and believer; to have good deeds and correct reflection; to possess the spirit of perseverance and to strive and endeavour.

Now for some points which we can benefit from traditions:

Kulaini has narrated a tradition[140] , summary of which is as follows:

Ammar Saabati says:“I asked Imam Sadiq (a.s.), ‘Which is better? A secret worship under the rule of a false government during the concealed Imam’s time, or worship under the Just government of Imam? He replied, ‘Ammar! By Allah, a secret charity is better than an open charity! A secret worship during your Imam’s time (who is concealed during the wicked government) with fear from the enemies, is better than worship during the days of Reappearance of the truth: know that if anyone amongst you perform the obligatory prayers in congregation and in hiding from the enemies, Allah would bestow him the reward of fifty obligatory prayers in congregation, and the one who possesses good deeds and behaviour, and controls his tongue, would be rewarded several times more..”

Also, it has come down that once, Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said to Abu Basir: ‘Should I inform you of a deed, by virtue of which Allah accepts all other deeds?’ Abu Basir said, ‘please inform me.’ Imam said,“To bear testimony to the monotheistic word, “La-Ilaha-Illallah” ; to bear witness to Muhammad’s messengership; to confess whatever Allah has commanded; to acknowledge our Wilayat; to grow weary of our enemies; to submit before the Imam; to remain pious; to endeavour; to keep calm and sober and to await the Qaem.”Thereafter, he said, ‘By Allah’s Will, we would have a government. Anyone counted to be amongst the followers of the ‘Qaem’ would remain pleased. He should await him; he should be pious and hold good morals and uphold constantly the spirit of awaiting him. If anyone dies in this state, he would earn the reward of Imam’s companion. O blessed group! Strive seriously and await him. May it be pleasing for you!”[141]

Now for the words of this compassionate Imam (a.t.f.s.) that have come down in Tauqee:

Adopt piety (fear Allah)

Resign yourselves to us.

Return your affairs to us (and push ahead on our basis)

Do not make effort to divulge the secrets.

(Act moderately and) do not tread on the right or left path (avoid going to extremes).

Approach us and act upon the Sunnah (of prophet and Ahl’ul-bayt) with love.[142]

During phenomenon (for understanding our duty), refer to the narrators of our traditions.[143]

Pray excessively for hastening the faraj.[144]

Assist us in delivering you from troubles and conspiracies.[145]

10. Cling on to dissimulation.[146]

11. Behave in such manner that is appropriate to our love and keeps away our anger.[147]

12. If our Shias (may Allah grace them with the honour of obedience) unite their hearts and remain loyal towards their covenant, they would succeed in meeting us.[148]