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It is clear that if man prepares himself for the future and looks forward to a special phenomenon, he will sacrifice his present life for that future event. For instance, if a secondary school student looks forward to become a doctor, he will learn his lesson in such manner that right from the first year, he will utilise every page of his book and every moments of his life for that future goal. One who desires to become an architect and a distinguished designer in the future, will give such value to his secondary school classes, today, as if he is sitting besides the designing table in a university!

The condition of one awaiting Hazrat Mahdi’s Reappearance is the same. Such a person must arrange his present life, as if, he is just now in the presence of his just Imam (the government of Hazrat Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) is a human and just government). Training and rectification of one’s self and the community are the preliminary steps.

So, for setting up that monotheistic community, and a world full of justice, it is our duty to prepare ourselves right today and strive for its achievement by rectifying our religious beliefs and fulfilling the consequent deeds.

We should remember that when we ask Allah, by way of the following supplication, it is necessary to make ourselves worthy of such utterances via Ma’refat and action.

“O Allah! We ask You for an exalted and generous government wherein You bestow honour to Islam and its followers and bring disgrace to hypocrisy and the hypocrites; and count us among those who call others towards You and show them Your way.” [153]

For acquiring correct faith, we should consider the Imams (a.s.) as good exemplars, and learn from them and their outstanding companions, which thereafter should be acted upon. We should strive hard and exert all our efforts on this path.