Just as mentioned by the holy Qur’an, though the Old and New testament ,as well as, other Books have been distorted, nevertheless glad tidings about Hazrat can still be found in such distorted books. In other words, the hands of distorters have failed to reverse the entire truth. For instance, about the global divine saviour, it had come down in the Old testament, psalm 37, line 8 onwards as follows:

“Cast aside anger and desist from rage; do not agitate yourself…… the evil ones would be severed and the divine ones awaiting would inherit the land” .[90]

In the Old Testament, chapter 2, verses 7-9, it has come down as follows:

“I will turn shaky all the nations and (then) virtue would grace the entire nations and Jehovah would say, I will fill this house with splendour. The Jehovah would say, Gold and silver is from me. Jehovah would say, The last glory of this house would be more magnificent than its first glory” .[91]

In the Old Testament, chapter 3 verse 9 says:

“Because at time, I would give pure tongue to all the nations until the entire lot of them would call the name of Jehovah and would worship him with one heart” .[92]

In the New testament (Bible), Gospel of Mathew, chapter 25, line 34 onwards, we read:

come O the ones who have found grace from my Father, inherit the celestial kingdom that has been prepared for you, right from the beginning of the world[93]

Moreover, in the revelation of John, chapter 2, line 26- 27:

“The one who prevails and uphods my deeds in practice, I would make him dominant over other nations until he would rule with an iron fist” .[94]

Below the word“Sushiyant” it has come down in the Persian encyclopedia ( 1: 1373) :

It is the title of each of the three promised ones in Zorasterians particularly pertaining to the last promised one named as Astutert in Avesta. He is remembered as Sushiyant the victor. Sushiyant Mazdeyasnan is like the Krishna of Brahmins; Buddah the 5 th of Buddist; Massiah of Jews; Paraclete of Christians and Mahdi of the Muslims. The Zorasterians await three promised ones.

We notice that the Old Testament (Torah) and the New Testament (Bible) give glad tidings about the promised one, in spite of the distortions therein. It shows the program of the promised one i.e., Mahdi of Islam.