Reply: Question 3

As per information at hand, all the religions and books have given glad-tidings about the “world saviour and reformer” in some way or the other. We have explained some of the prophecies in our reply to other queries.

The other religions and past divine books have discussed the saviour’s qualities and characteristics to the same extent, as they have discussed about his ‘Zuhoor’ (Reappearance).

In this regard, it’s a great honour that Islam and particularly Shia, has in hand all the dimensions concerning the saviour’s qualities, ranks, concealment, manifestation at individual and social level, and all these narrated from the immaculate Imams (a.s.). We have information about the saviour before birth, after birth, during childhood period, his life with his father and after his father’s departure from this world, the lesser concealment period, the greater concealment period, ‘Zuhoor’ (manifestation) etc. All these can be found in detail in numerous reliable traditions.

In this regard, you may refer to Muntakhab-ul-Athar: 251, 284, 286, 290, 300, 302, 304, 305…………

In other sects of Islam, the Sunni books, their scholars too have written exclusive books on Hazrat like “Al-Arfo-Wardi”, “Eqdud-Durar” and “Al-Wahmul-Maknun”.

Numerous traditions concerning this matter have also come down in Sihahe-Sitta and other books written by non-Shia scholars. Index of such books appears in the first section of “Muntakhab-ul-Athar” as well as “In search for the Qaem”.