Friday Devotional Acts for Imam Mahdi (ajtf)


.Friday is the day attributed to Our Imam (ajtf) as per our narrations. It is vital that we take at least one day out of our busy week to pray and think about our blessed 12th Imam (ajtf). The day of Friday in itself is of great status as it is the the Holy Day for the Muslims. 

We can try and perform all or some of the following devotional acts and duas below for our blessed Living Imam (ajtf) inshallah.


Important Note:

Remember that Imam Mahdi (ajtf) will be please with good acts towards others as well as devotional acts and duas. On Fridays, try as much as you can to visit, greet and serve our families and believing brothers and sister and gift the rewards of these good acts to Our Imam (ajtf)


Some ideas of Good deeds Gifts for Imam Mahdi (ajtf):

  • Visit the graves of family and friends
  • Be kind to and visit your parents
  • Feed birds or other animals
  • Call relatives and friend who you have not spoken to for some time
  • Reconcile between yourselves or between other believing brothers and sisters
  • Send food to your neighbours
  • Wear your best clothes and perfume as if you will be welcoming Imam Mahdi (ajtf)
  • Feed the homeless
  • Help someone in need
  • Visit or call someone who is ill
  • Buy gifts for children in your home