Dua Ahad 2


From the authority of Jabir bn Yazid AL-Ja’afi, Abu Ja’afar (peace be on him) said: whoever offer this supplication once in his life time, he will be written among those that are free from slavery and will be written in the register of the Imam (peace be on him), and will be called with his name and that of his father when Imam Al-Mahdi rise up, then the book will be given to him and it shall be said to him, take the covenant book for your covenant with us in the world; that is the saying of Allah which says: 
Then offer the following supplication while in a state of purification:

1 Mikyaalul Makarim: 230/2

O Allah, O Lord of lords, O One, O Alone, O Last of the last, O Victor of the victorious, O Most High O Most Great, You are the Most High, the Supreme, You have ascended beyond every height, O my Lord this is my oath and You are the One that fulfils my covenant, O my Master allow my oath to reach me and fulfil for me my promise, I have believed in You.

I ask You by Your Arab veil, and by Your foreign veil, and by Your Hebraic veil, and by Your Assyrian veil, and by Your Roman veil, and by Your Indian veil, establish my cognizance of You, for indeed You are Allah, who cannot be seen, and You are in the highest position.

I seek closeness to You through Your admonishing Messenger, God’s blessings upon him and his progeny, and through Amirul Mu’mineen Ali, the guide, God’s blessings be upon him, and through Hassan, the master, and through Husayn, the martyr, the grandsons of Your Prophet, and through Fatima, the pure, and through Ali ibn Husayn Zainul Abideen, the calloused, and through Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir, the splitter of Your knowledge, and through Ja’far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq, who affirmed Your covenant and Your promise, and through Musa ibn Ja’far, the suppressed and the establisher of Your covenant, and through Ali ibn Musa al-Ridha, who was pleased with Your decree, and through Muhammad ibn Ali, the virtuous scholar, with whom the believers were pleased, and through Ali ibn Muhammad, the honest and the trustworthy, who guided those who sought guidance, and through Hassan ibn Ali, the pure and the immaculate, the vault of the vicegerents.

And I seek closeness to You through the Imam, the one who will rise, the just, the awaited, the Mahdi, our Imam and the son of our Imam, God’s blessings be upon them all.

O He who is Majestic and Magnificent, and that is what is worthy of Him so He has forgiven and has shown mercy. O He who could but chose beneficence, I complain to You about my weakness, and what is lacking in my actions towards what is worthy of Your Oneness and my cognizance of You, I turn towards You and call through Your Pure Name, and through the Great Oneness, that those who turned away from and did not heed fell short of.

I believe in Your great veil, and in Your perfect and exalted words, through which You created this realm of trials, and through which You granted paradise to those that You love, and I believe in the truthful ones who came before, the pure believers and the companions of the right, those who associated with virtuous action and disassociated from wickedness, do not associate me with other than them, and do not separate me from them tomorrow when bringing forth Your Judgement.

I believe in that of theirs which is secret and in that of theirs which is manifest, and in their final deeds, for You are the One who completes their deeds if You so wish. O He who gifted me with the ability to affirm Your Oneness, and gifted me with the ability to recognise Your Lordship, and saved me from doubt and blindness, I am contented with You as my Lord, and with the Chosen Ones as proofs, and with the Hidden Ones as Prophets, and with the Messengers as guides, and with the pious ones as leaders, and I do so in a state of complete obedience to You.