An important Experience of Hajj Sheikh Hasan Ali Isfehani


Because we have talk about the person of Hajj Sheikh Hasan Isfahani in this discussion we will mention an important issue that concerns him.
The Sheikh has engaged himself right from his youth with worships and Islamic devotion and endure a lot of inconveniencies in order to attain some spiritual ranks, he then have write up that is comprise of mysteries and an important point that he did not exposed or divulge to general people.
My late father Muazzam (may Allah raises his position) told me about this write up of Sheikh:

Verily Hajj Sheikh Hasan Ali Isfahani towards the end of his life has given this book to late Ayatullah Hajj Sayyid Ali Ridawi.[1]
Our reason for reporting this issue was the important point mentioned by Sheikh Hasan Ali Isfahani (may Allah be pleased with him) at the end of his book which is incumbent for those who wanted to pass through spiritual stages to benefit from it as follows:

I wish all I have done in readings, litanies and so on for the purpose of reaching spiritual rank should be done for the purpose of nearness to my master, the leader of the time (may Allah hasten his reappearance).

Take note of the speech of this religious and divine man who was well known among the Sunni and Shi’a, how he has shown his regret for all good jobs he has put forward hoping to have done that for the purpose of nearness to Imam of the time (may our soul be sacrificed for him). There is no doubt that Hajj Sheikh Hasan Ali Isfahani is possessing spiritual strength and it is hard to get his type, with all this he is still having the notion that all he has done throughout his life was just for the nearness to the chief of this world of existence. He did not struggle to attain strength for mediation and pleasure even similar to that was the purpose for all his actions.

The great example for anyone (in any field he belongs to) is to copy from the experience of the great men of that field and to benefit from their struggles throughout their life and from what they have achieved most especially to focus on the last period of their life.

Be very careful of this point: to benefit from the important experience of the great men increases the spiritual value in ones life.

Try in your deeds what late Hajj Sheikh Hasan Ali has experienced which he has written in his book. Offer your prayers, supplications and other aspect of your worship in nearness to God so that you can be closer to His caretaker, our master, the Imam of the time (may Allah hasten his reappearance) and cast off little ambition. This is a reality which will benefit you if you hinder to it.
[1] – My late father Al-Muazzam is one of the sincere companion to late Ayatullah Hajj Sayyid Ali Ridawi who was one of the scholar in the holy city of Mash’had.


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