Be Aware of the Duties during the Occultation (ghaybah)


With the success of God and the grace of Imam of the time (may our soul be sacrificed for him) we have authored this book just to be acquainted with one of the duty during the period of occultation, which is praying for the quick reappearance of the Imam (may our soul be sacrificed for him) but we ought to write from the beginning some other duties during the darkness and occultation hoping by God’s Grace to accomplish the Imam being in the last stage of occultation. According to the tradition reported from the purified Imams, it is incumbent on us to be expecting both day and night the reappearance of the Imam (peace be upon him).

But very unfortunate, our community up till now is not being acquainted with the whole duties during the period of occultation. The precious books written on this respect has mentioned some duties but not all, had it be people are aware of their missing condition at the earlier stage of occultation, it couldn’t have taking longer time as it was now.

What ever condition, it is incumbent especially for those whose responsibility are to explain people’s duty to them during the period of occultation (though they were also heedless and negligence of that) to be in a state of embarrassment and sorrow for not taking up their duty.

It is not proper for us to be negligence of the chief of the world of existence and the all knowing of our need in this universe while he exists within us.
Is it proper for billions of brains to be in the veil of darkness due to the concealment of God’s light?
Is it proper for human kind to have mirror which suppose to reflect the world to them (that is the mind) but heedless of its majesty?
When will the mind return to its original life to perceive the reality in life and the exaltedness of humanity?
When will people know the majesty of their mind, the mirror by which we witness the world?
When will people’s sense be active towards high rank of knowledge?
When will people leave darkness, oppression and aggression to enable them attain the worldly government of divine Justice?
When … and when ….and when ….
Is it possible for the occurrence of all this except during the government of our master, the Imam of the age (peace be upon him)?

Why we didn’t perceive the period of reappearance? Why we didn’t protest against the darkness of this time? Why we are not cognizance about the future of this world![1] And why we didn’t take up of our duties during the days of occultation?!
[1] – Refer to another book by the author: (Daulat karimeh Imam Zaman) in Persian language.


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