They Alter your ways of Thought!


To ruin the soul and alteration in your ways of thinking, they have invented an important transformation in you, so try to distance yourself from those who did not differentiate between occultation and reappearance of the Imam (peace be upon him) and you should be aware that negligence about the outward father is a great sin like wise negligence about the spiritual father and aftermath is gloomy.

Presently if you did not perceive the different between the appearance and occultation of Imam (may our soul be sacrificed for him) and you didn’t ponder about the reappearance of the Imam who is the donor of the life, if up till now you did not pray for his quick reappearance and you are ignorant of your special duty towards the Imam of your time, now you are aware that people has a very heavy responsibility during the period of occultation, then rescue and redress yourself with an exalted determination of your previous time and lay your feet on the path of anticipation. It is incumbent for us to know that showing affection and severe kindness to him for those that love the post of guardianship necessitate seeking pardon and forgiveness from the previous negligence to him so that his merciful mind will draw the pen of pardon for our negligence.
Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him, our Prophet and his progeny) didn’t said to his brothers after all the oppression they committed against him
No reproach this day shall be on you; God will forgive you; He is the most merciful of the merciful[1]

You should be certain that human soul is very great and was not created to be attached with contemptible and material things rather it was created to incline towards divine issues, like knowing God and His ambassadors and other spiritual issues.

Is it possible for those that has connection with the leader of the time (may our soul be sacrificed for him) like Sayyid Bahrul Ulum and Sheikh Al-Ansari (may Allah raises their position) to filled up their soul with material thinking and thoughts and to condition their existence with negligence? Is it proper for those who can fly within the space of the science of Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them) to destroy his wings in order to imprison himself in this material world to become the playing tools of Satan? Is it proper for only few peoples out of billions to know the destruction in the period of occultation in this world?

Why people didn’t know their importance and they didn’t know that there is no any importance in them except by concentrating in God and His good friends? If this position can not be attain except by some few individual, why we are not of those few ones?
A Persian poet said:

The caravan has left and you are still asleep in the desert being perplex on when to go, what to do ….
[1] -Qur’an 12: 92.


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