To the Chief of the Present World


Be aware that whoever certainly seeks for the awaiting leader (may our soul be sacrificed for him), serve in his path, pray for his quick reappearance and struggle in this aspect, at the end he will be guided to the path and all the ways will be opened for him. For this reason we should not refrain from his service during the occultation period because his hands was tied which is just like the rope the enemies tied on the neck of the first oppressed one, the commander of the faithful (peace be upon him).

When we struggle in advance for the reappearance of Imam (May our soul be sacrifice for him) this rope will cut off. Be sure that whoever sacrifice his life in the ways of his Imam (peace be upon him) and did not entertain any doubt in it, he will be under the view of the Imam and will make him happy with words or speech and he will be pleased.

If one can not proceed in the ways of seeking for fact, he will not achieve all or even part of it.
The commander of the faithful (peace be upon him) said:
Whoever seeks for anything, achieve all or part of it[1]

Have the belief very strongly that Imam (peace be upon him) is the centre of pivot even though we are in the period of occultation and the period of his government hasn’t come. He is the chief of this existing world and his reign is absolute and comprises the entire world.

Thus we do read in his Ziyarah that:
Peace be upon you, O’ the centre of pivot.[2]

All the existence during the dark period of occultation and during the period of his reappearance leaves under the canopy of his sacred existence and the entire world are indebted to his leadership and reign without an exception.

Due to Imam and his purified ancestor’s grace Prophet Isa the spirit of Allah (peace be upon him) attained all his ranks and he (peace be upon him) will not only be under the leader of Imam during his reappearance but right now he receive his instructions from him.
We read in his Ziyarah (prayer): peace be upon you, O’ the leader of Jesus Christ.[3]

The reign of Imam is not specialize to the period of his reappearance, even now his government is in force, the followers of Imam are proud of being under his leadership (peace be upon him). In this period all noble ones, chief and other good friends of God that are royal in their intentions and refrain from their personal causes has attain way to luminance rank i.e the light of the existing world and the Imam of the time spend his loneliness with those personalities that has been elevated to exalted rank.

It is has been reported in tradition that:
With the strong thirty allies of Imam, he is not in loneliness.[4]

Our purpose for explaining this issue is that occultation doesn’t mean cutting off of his invisible auxiliaries from the creatures and that he (may our soul be sacrificed for him) did not assist anyone, and there is no any avenue to his light but rather as we have earlier said those who sincerely struggle to reach him are anticipating for his reappearance throughout their life and strengthens their heart with view and information from him.
That is how we hear the address of this sincere personality

{put off thy shoes; thou art in the holy valley, Towa}[5]

Take up your shoes to see how you’ve injured your feet before the journey to the chief of this existing world. But very unfortunate some individual not only they are not royal in their intention, they also in addition trouble and cause affliction to other people and also put pebbles in their shoes. Those people sting the heart of those who love Imam (peace be upon him) with their sharpen tongues (because they are agents of Satan) they incline towards putting an end to all ways that leads to Imam (may our soul be sacrificed for him) as if they don’t know that having enmity with his path and those that loves him is like having enmity with his honorable person (may our soul be sacrificed for him). Does the commander of the faithful (peace be upon him) never say the following?!

Your friends are three likewise your enemies; your friends are (a) your friend (b) the friend of your friend (c) the enemy of your enemy. And your enemies are (a) your enemy (b) the enemy of your friend (c) the friend of your enemy.[6]

Base on this, is having enmity with the lovers of the awaiting Imam (peace be upon him) not a transgression over his person (peace be upon him)?
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