Surah Zukhruf Verse 28


وَجَعَلَهَا كَلِمَةً بَاقِيَةً فِي عَقِبِهِ لَعَلَّهُمْ يَرْجِعُونَ

 “He made it a word to continue in his progeny so that they may return to (Allah)”

Jabir bin Yazid Al-Jofi said, I asked Imam Baqir (as), “O son of the Messenger of Allah! Some people say that Allah placed the Imamate in the progeny of Hasan (as), and not Husain (as).”

Imam (as) replied, I swear to Allah that they lie. Have they not heard the words of Allah, “He made it a word to continue in his progeny”? So did He place it in the progeny of anyone other than Husain (as)?!

O Jabir! The Imams are those who have been (specifically) mentioned by the Messenger of Allah (sawa). They are those about whom the Messenger of Allah (sawa) said,

When I was taken to the heavens, I found their (the Imam’s (as)) names written on the pillar of the Throne. There were twelve names: Ali (as), my two grandsons (Hasan and Husain (as)), Ali (as), Mohammad (as), Jafar (as), Musa (as), Ali (as), Mohammed (as), Ali (as), Hasan (as), and the Qaem  (as) the Decisive Proof.

These are the Imams from the chosen and purified family. I swear to Allah that Allah will resurrect anyone who claims the Imamate, other than us, with Iblis and his soldiers.

Then Imam (as) sighed heavily and said, “May Allah not protect this nation for they did not protect the rights of their Prophet’ (sawa). I swear to Allah that if they had left Haqq with its people, there would not have been two people who disagreed about Allah.”

Then Imam (as) recited the following poem,

The Jews are safe from the trials of the times because of their love for their prophet; the Christians walk safely in their gardens because of their love for Isa; but fire is being thrown on the believers everywhere who love the family of Mohammed (sawa).

I said, “O my master! Is it not true that this matter (leadership) is yours?”

“Yes,” the Imam (as) replied.

I said, “Then why have you refrained from claiming your rights, for Allah says, “Strive (fight) in the way of Allah as you out to strive (fight). He has chosen you” (Chapter 22 verse 78). And why did Ameerul Momeneen (as) refrain from claiming his rights?”

Imam (as) replied, He did not find any supporters. Have you not heard the words of Allah in the story of Lut (as)? “He (Lut) said: “Would that I had strength to resist you or could betake myself to a strong support!” (Chapter 11 verse 80).

And Allah says about Nuh (as), “So he called on his Lord: ‘Verily, I am overcome, so help me” (Chapter 54 verse 10).

And Allah says about Musa (as) “He (Musa) said: ‘O my Lord! I have control over none but myself and my brother, so cause a separation between us and these people (who are) rebellious” (Chapter 5 verse 25).

Therefore, if this is the case with the prophets (refraining from claiming their rights), then the successors have even more of a reason (to do so).

O Jabir! The example of the Imam is like the Kaabah, (people) should come to it but it does not go (to them). (Tafseer Al Burhan volume 7 page 117)

The Holy Prophet (sawa) was asked about the verse, “He made it a word to continue in his progeny”.

The Prophet (sawa) replied, “(This verse means Allah) has placed the Imamate in the progeny of Husain (as). There will be nine Imams from the progeny of Husain (as), and the Mahdi of this nation is one of them. If a man worships Allah between Rukn and Maqaam but meets Allah (dies) with hatred toward my family, he will enter Hell. (Tafseer Al Burhan volume 4 page 140)

Regarding the quoted verse, Imam Sajjad (as) said, The verse, “The blood relations are nearer to one another in the Book of Allah” (Chapter 8 verse 75), was revealed about us. And this verse, “He made it a word to continue in his progeny”(Chapter 43 verse 28), was also revealed about us.

The Imamate will stay in the progeny of Husain bin Ali (as) until the Day of Judgment. The Qaem (as) will have two occupations, one of which is longer than the other.

The first one will last for six days, six months, or six years. However, the second one will last so long that most of those who used to believe in it will deny it.

Only those who have strong Yaqeen (certainty), who possess knowledge based on truth, who do not find discomfort (in their hearts) to accept our will, and who submit to us – the Ahlul Bayt, will stay steady in believing in (the Qaem (as)) (Kamaluddin volume 2 page 323)