Surah Zumar Verse 69


وَأَشْرَقَتِ الْأَرْضُ بِنُورِ رَبِّهَا

“The earth shall radiate with the light of its Lord”

Imam Sadiq (as) explained the verse, “The earth shall radiate with the light of its Lord”, by saying that the “Lord” of “the earth” in this verse means the Imam of the earth.

The narrator asked, “What will happen when the Qaem (as) rises?”

Imam (as) replied, “People will not need the light of the sun nor the moon (because) the light of the Imam will be sufficient.” (Tafseer Al Qummi volume 2 page 253)

Imam Sadiq (as) said, When our Qaem (as) rises, the earth will “radiate with the light of its Lord” (39:69) and the slaves (of Allah) will not need the sun. Day and night will be the same, for darkness will disappear.

At the time of the Qaem (as), every man will live for a thousand years and every year a son will be born to him and no daughters will be born to him (if he so chooses).# The fathers will clothe their children and the clothes will grow on the children as they grow, and the colour of their clothes will change according to the colour that they (the children) desire. (Dalael Al Imama page 454)

# Author Note: This does not mean that after reappearance of the Imam (as), daughters will not be born nor does it mean that Imam (as) is advocating one choice over the other in the tradition. On the contrary, Holy Prophet (sawa) says, The best of your children are your daughters. (Makaremul Akhlaq page 251; Beharul Anwar volume 101 page 91). Furthermore the light of the Imams (as) emanates from Hazrat Zahra (sa). One possible meaning of this tradition is that everything in life will take place exactly the way believers like it and this tradition is simply showing the extent of the blessings  and the choices people will have during the government of Imam Mahdi (as)